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Grants available through AgCredit's Mission Fund

The application period for AgCredit’s Mission Fund program is now open. The Mission Fund awards...

Episode 15: Ten Important Farm Safety Tips & Resources with Dee Jepsen

Dee's job is teaching young farm kids to retired senior farmers about farm safety, but she says, “it’s everybody’s job.”

AgCredit Launches Feed the Farmer Program

AgCredit will provide meals to 36 local farms as a way to thank farmers for the work they do year round.
Brian Ricker

Please Remember to Vote in 2022!

On your ballot, you have the opportunity to vote for three director positions as well as the nominating committee.

Episode 14: A Look Into What's on the Horizon for Ag Education & Research at The Ohio State University

This episode offers a look into what's on the horizon for ag education and research at The Ohio State University.

Episode 13: Opportunities and Challenges in the Cattle Industry - Live from the Ohio Beef Expo

From the ins and outs of these organizations to the ups and downs cattle producers are facing, we chat all things beef in this episode!

Episode 12: How to Start a Succession Planning Conversation

Succession planning for farm families - It’s a process that can be complicated, emotional and just plain hard to start a conversation about.

AgCredit Distributes $31 Million Patronage Dividend to Borrower-Owners

AgCredit announced today that it will distribute $31 million to its borrower-owners through its patronage program in 2022.

Episode 11: Not Your Grandmother's Ag Industry

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we interview our female podcast hosts Brenna and Libby about their earliest memories of being involved in agriculture.

Episode 10: Tips for Getting Started in a Career in Agriculture

In this episode, our hosts chat about career paths in food, agricultural and environmental sciences.