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Episode 39: Navigating the Farm Service Agency (FSA) Loan Programs with Kurt Leber

For young, beginning, or starting farmers, accessing the necessary financial resources you need can...

Episode 38: Essential Farm Loans You Should Know About with Scott Parker

In the agricultural industry, accessing the right financing options is crucial for farmers and those...

Episode 37: Understanding & Navigating the 2023 Farm Bill with Jenny Mesirow

In the world of agriculture, the policies and legislation that govern the industry play a crucial...

Episode 36: From Dairy to Diversification: Insights from Matt and Dawn Thayer

In the agricultural world, volatility is almost certain. Even the thought of trying something new or...

McClure, Reinhard elected to AgCredit Board of Directors

AgCredit, one of northern Ohio's largest lenders to farmers, agribusinesses and rural homeowners...

Episode 35: Supporting Producers and Engaging Consumers with Ohio Cattlemen's Association Elizabeth Harsh

The Ohio Cattlemen’s Association works to improve the business climate for Ohio’s beef producers by...

Episode 34: Farming Equipment on the Road: Common Questions Answered with Barry Thompson and Anthony Lester

If you're a farmer and need to travel on the road with heavy equipment or machinery, it's important...

Episode 33: Social Media Tips and Tricks for Ag Businesses with Kayla Laubacher

AgCredit Marketing Coordinator, Kayla Laubacher, has a unique background in both marketing and...

Episode 32: Understanding and Managing Your Credit Score with Matt Gray

Have you ever wanted to purchase a piece of equipment, rent land, or apply for a credit card? If so...

AgCredit Distributes $21 Million Patronage Dividend to Borrower-Owners

AgCredit – one of northern Ohio’s largest lenders for farmers, rural homeowners and agribusiness –...