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Episode 50: Four Farm-Related Resolutions to Steal in the New Year

Here are four farm-related New Year resolutions to steal for your farm operation: Libby’s Resolution...
Ryan Conklin

Farm Succession Resolutions for 2024

As 2023 ends, the holiday season is a great opportunity to evaluate your new year’s resolutions from...

Episode 49: The Power of Core Values with Brian Ricker and Sandy Musgrave

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of agriculture, having a clear sense of purpose and...

Episode 48: Cultivating Connection: A Conversation with Matt Reese and Dusty Sonnenberg on the Evolution of Agricultural Communication

With shared backgrounds deeply rooted in agriculture and prominent careers as agricultural...

Why Balance Sheets Matter

As the year ends, it’s important to reflect on the year behind you, but also make sure all your...

Episode 47: Navigating Farm Accidents: First Steps to Take with Ryan Conklin

From forgetting to shut the gate to more serious situations like barn fires, accidents happen on the...

Episode 46: Safeguarding Ohio Agriculture with ODA Director Brian Baldridge

The Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) stands as a silent guardian, safeguarding the interests of...

Overcoming the Stress of Farming

We all feel stressed from time to time, but the busy seasons and challenges of farming can elevate...

Benefits and Challenges to Raising Contract Livestock

AgCredit offers financial assistance to current and future borrowers interested in constructing...

AgCredit Launches Feed the Farmer Program

AgCredit – one of northern Ohio’s largest lenders for farmers, rural homeowners and agribusiness –...