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Episode 63: How Farmers Can Connect with Consumers ft. Matt Rush

In the agriculture industry, there’s a common piece of advice that has echoed over time: “Share your...

Episode 62: Avoiding Burnout on the Farm with Alligators and Monkeys ft. Roxanne Reed

Farmers and agricultural business owners face unique pressures and challenges. Whether you’re up at...

Episode 61: How to Develop a Grain Marketing Plan with Neil Schuller

Neil Schuller, who manages marketing strategy and risk solutions for The Andersons , gives a...

Episode 60: Agricultural Economic Outlook with Stevan Novakovic

Agricultural economist Stevan Novakovic with Farm Credit of Central Florida says agriculture faces...

Episode 59: Farm Energy Management with Eric Romich

Small Changes Reduce Energy Costs Eric Romich travels the state of Ohio to educate farmers about how...

Episode 58: Embracing Change in the Ohio Poultry Industry with Jim Chakeres

“It seems that things happen to poultry first when they hit agriculture.” Jim Chakeres knows this...

Episode 57: How Patronage (and Other Association Benefits) Support Farmers and Rural Communities

“I can honestly say AgCredit’s been there every step of the way.” That’s how Dusty Sonnenberg feels...

Episode 56: Insights and Advice from Young Farmers at the 2024 Emerge Experience Conference

At the 2024 Emerge Experience Conference, AgCredit had the opportunity to gain insights and advice...

Episode 55: A Look at Ohio's Growing Sheep Industry with Roger High

When you think of the livestock industry, sheep might not be the first animal that comes to mind...

Episode 54: How the Ohio Soybean Council and United Soybean Board are Transforming the Soybean Industry with Steve Reinhard

The Ohio Soybean Council is just one of the many farmer-led organizations driving demand for one of...