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Why is an Appraisal Important?

We provide land appraisals when you are considering a loan with us and also provide appraisal services for the public on a fee basis.

Establish a price

When you buy a property, an appraisal can save you from paying more than market value. When you sell property, appraisal can help you determine your asking price.

Tax purposes

When you give land to your children or to charity, you’ll need to document the value for tax purposes.

Business planning

When incorporating or forming a partnership, it is important to know the value of your farm business.

Estate planning

During a time of loss, or as part of a transition plan, appraiser can provide an impartial determination of market value of real estate and assets.

Why Choose AgCredit?

  • We have years of agricultural appraisal expertise.
  • AgCredit’s certified specialists are qualified to prepare appraisals for dairies, hog confinement operations, grain farms, and other specialty operations.
  • At your request, AgCredit will provide you with a fee estimate. Our competitive rates are based on the time required to inspect the property, research comparable sales, analyze the data and prepare the report.

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