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Your Biggest Benefit

As a borrower-owner of AgCredit, one of the biggest benefits is sharing in the profits of the Association through our patronage program. Patronage reduces your cost of borrowing by returning a portion of our net income to our borrowers based on the proportion of interest paid on their loan and total interest earned by the association. We have returned more than $400,500,000 in patronage refunds over the past 35 years!

Check out the video to learn about the patronage program in 90 seconds. 



Patronage History Chart

Year Average Interest Rate Average Rate After Patronage Basis Points Saved % of interest returned as patronage patronage refund
2021 4.41% 2.64% 1.77%


2020 4.90% 3.03% 1.87% 38.14% $30,642,278
2019 5.53% 3.02% 2.51% 45.41% $40,921,507
3-year Average
4.95% 2.90% 2.05% 41.23% $34,106,016


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