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Episode 31: What is a cooperative? With Brian Ricker

To understand what a cooperative is, it’s important to go back to 1916. At the time, World War I was...

Episode 30: The Dos and Don'ts of Preparing to Buy Land at Auction with Kelly Guthrie

Let’s say you’re a beginning farmer and 40 acres of farmland is going up for auction next to your...

Episode 29: Creating Community through Social Media with Zoe Kent

For Crawford County, Ohio farmer Zoe Kent, what started as a creative outlet to share farming with...

Episode 28: What is Soil Fertility and Why it's Important with Don Daniels

Soil fertility is critical for crop plant development and influences crop yield. As we get closer to...

Episode 27: Long-Term Care and the Farm with Robert Moore

Farmers are always preparing ahead for the future – for next year’s seed and inputs. But when it...
Kayla Laubacher

Six Tips for Young, Beginning and Starting Farmers from Zippy Duvall, American Farm Bureau President

As president of the American Farm Bureau Federation, Zippy Duvall has helped shape a new farm bill...

Episode 26: Cash Rents - Tips & Strategies for Mitigating Risk with Barry Ward

According to economist and farmer Barry Ward’s projections, “we’re in for another year of increases...

Episode 25: What is Grain Marketing?

From business owner to weatherman, mechanic, and even grain marketer, today’s grain farmer wears...
Brian Ricker

Message from the President

If you’re like me, you begin to think and plan for what the new year will bring as the current year...
Janice Kohls and Dan Lucke

Year-end loan payment and tax pointers

As the holiday season approaches, year-end is just around the corner. With each year-end comes the...