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Episode 63: How Farmers Can Connect with Consumers ft. Matt Rush

In the agriculture industry, there’s a common piece of advice that has echoed over time: “Share your...

Episode 62: Avoiding Burnout on the Farm with Alligators and Monkeys ft. Roxanne Reed

Farmers and agricultural business owners face unique pressures and challenges. Whether you’re up at...

Meet our 2024 Summer Interns

This summer AgCredit has hired 5 interns in various departments and offices within the cooperative...
Ryan Conklin

The Great Risks and Rewards of Agritourism

Pause for a moment and try to think of another specific profession or industry that prioritizes...

Episode 61: How to Develop a Grain Marketing Plan with Neil Schuller

Neil Schuller, who manages marketing strategy and risk solutions for The Andersons , gives a...

Episode 60: Agricultural Economic Outlook with Stevan Novakovic

Agricultural economist Stevan Novakovic with Farm Credit of Central Florida says agriculture faces...

An Update from Capitol Hill

California's Proposition 12 AgCredit recently joined the Ohio AgriBusiness Association, several...

Episode 59: Farm Energy Management with Eric Romich

Small Changes Reduce Energy Costs Eric Romich travels the state of Ohio to educate farmers about how...

Episode 58: Embracing Change in the Ohio Poultry Industry with Jim Chakeres

“It seems that things happen to poultry first when they hit agriculture.” Jim Chakeres knows this...

Five steps for simplifying your home construction project

Building your dream home can feel like a daunting task. From working with a lender to envisioning...