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AgCredit Said It

Welcome to AgCredit Said It!

Listen in to join a team of experienced ag lenders dedicated to serving the rural community as they interview experts who know the industry inside and out.

Each show contains insights, advice and must-have information on all things rural living. If you live and work in rural America, and need help understanding topics like agronomy, succession planning, farm security and equipment financing, this show is for you.

New episodes are released every first and third Monday of the month. Find us and listen in your favorite podcast app.



Episode 10: Tips for Getting Started in a Career in Agriculture

In this episode, our hosts chat about career paths in food, agricultural and environmental sciences.

Episode 11: Not Your Grandmother's Ag Industry

In celebration of Women’s History Month, we interview our female podcast hosts Brenna and Libby about their earliest memories of being involved in agriculture.

Episode 9: Ten Types of Farm Insurance Coverage You Should Know About

Ensuring that your operation is covered for risks and liabilities isn’t the most exciting subject, but it's an important task for any successful operation.

Bonus Episode: Mental Health Conversation Continued

We had so many things to discuss around mental health and stress management in our last episode that we had to keep the conversation going.

Episode 8: Recognize, Persuade, Refer: The Three Most Important Words You Need to Know When It Comes to Mental Health with Guests Nathan Brown and Sarah Noggle

In this episode, we reckon with the challenges agricultural workers face with respect to their mental health.
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