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Government Relations Update: The Importance of Ag-Related Technology

Four Farm Credit system customers highlight how technology has helped their farms remain competitive, support their rural economy and scale up to incorporate the next generation.
Alayna DeMartini

Helping Farmers Out of Depression

The corn was dying that summer. So were the soybeans, drying out, shriveling up. What was the point of spraying for pests?
Ryan Conklin

Does Your Estate Plan Avoid Probate?

Talking about avoiding probate is one thing; actually avoiding it is another.

A Rural Perspective: Decisions, Decisions

In many ways, growing up on a farm is like being in school.
Dr. David Kohl

Generation “Z” is in the House

So, what are the most productive ways to work with Gen Z? Let’s examine some of their general characteristics as compared to previous generations.
James McConnell

A Rural Perspective: Time for the Crocuses

One couple's major life moments are marked by crocuses blooming.
Thomas Milligan

Changes for 2018

Spring planting is right around the corner and crop insurance is a normal part of the process for many producers.
Brian Ricker

Managing Farm Financial Stress

Farming ranks in the top 10 most stressful occupations in the U.S.
James McConnell

A Rural Perspective: How Old I Am

Sometimes getting older is more about how people see you than how you see yourself.
David White

Avoiding Nuisance Complaints

There are lots of ways for farming and non-farming neighbors to get along.