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Brian Ricker

Online tools to help manage your accounts

Dear AgCredit Customer,

With the recent concerns about the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) into the US, we want you to know AgCredit has a comprehensive plan to assure we can serve you in the event the spread of the virus would escalate into our communities. We are closely monitoring the situation and evaluating the need for additional measures to support our customers, colleagues and communities if the need arises.    

In the event of a more significant outbreak there is uncertainty on what the limits for travel might be. Limiting person-to-person interaction would likely be advised as a way to stop the spread of further infection. In order to prepare for the potential need for handling financial business without leaving your home, we wanted to offer some services that are available for this purpose. If you currently do not have the services below, our branch teams are happy to help answer questions and get you set-up.
Digital Banking – our online banking tool that allows you to manage accounts 24/7.  Digital Banking allows you to: 
•    Check your principal balance, interest paid year-to-date, interest rate, the amount and due date of your next payment, and much more.
•    Make loan payments.
•    If already setup on Fastcash, allows you to transfer funds between your line of credit (operating) loan and your bank account.
•    View billing statements and Autodraft notices online.
•    Review the past 16 months of activity on your account.
•    Download and print annual loan activity statement.
•    View and print 1098 and 1099 tax documents.

AgCredit Mobile – the Digital Banking mobile app that allows you to make payments and check balances on the go on any mobile device.

Fastcash – Upon verification of the caller, transfer funds from your line of credit to your checking account over the phone.

Autodraft – Allows regularly scheduled payments to be automatically paid/debited from a checking account.

Our branches are open to serve you and can help you set up any of these services. We appreciate your business. 

Brian J. Ricker
President & CEO