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Coronavirus Update: FAQs | Mental Health Awareness


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Updated March 30, 2020

Our first priority is the safety of our employees, members and families. We have placed restrictions on our employees in regards to social distancing. Following are some informational items (FAQ’s) as we continue to adjust our business practices. If a question you have is not addressed here, please email your question to or use the Contact Us link on our home page. 

Are the branch offices open?

We have limited personnel staffing our offices but our doors are locked for the safety of our employees. Most of our employees are working from home. If you need to contact someone, please either email, text or call. If a meeting is necessary it will be by appointment and social distancing protocol will be followed.

Re-opening offices will be determined on a week-by-week basis in accordance with the State of Ohio directives. 

I normally drop my payment at my branch. Can I still do that?

If a branch has a drop box or mail slot utilize those options. If not, you can either mail your payment or call the office to let them know you need to drop off a payment. They can make arrangements to receive the payment from you.

What if I mail my payment and it’s late?

If you feel your payment was late due to slow mail delivery during this pandemic, please contact the office to have the late fee waived.

What if I can’t make my payment because of loss of employment during COVID-19?

Contact your account officer and let them know. We will work with you on options.