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Beginning Farmer Loans

Start Living Your Dreams

If you’re dreaming of a future in farming, AgCredit can help make it a reality with our AgStart program. We offer dependable, constructive financing and services to AgStart farmers for their ongoing business needs. We are the agricultural lending experts! 

Our program is designed to meet the unique needs of farmers who are young, beginning, small, minority, female, or veteran.

Do you qualify for AgStart?

Producers who qualify for AgStart must fall into at least one the following categories:

  • Young: 35 years of age or younger on the date of loan closing.
  • Beginning: 10 years or less of agricultural experience.
  • Small: A farmer who generates less than $250,000 of annual gross sales of agricultural or aquatic products.
  • Minority: American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, African American, Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander, a person whose ethnicity is Hispanic or Latino, and women, regardless of race.
  • Veteran: A farmer who has served or is currently serving in the armed forces of the United States or the armed forces reserves of the United States, which includes the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard.

AgGrow Loans for Farm Operators 

For farmers who are making their first or second farmland purchase or first or second contract livestock building purchase.

  • Minimal owner equity and current ratio requirements
  • Low down payment
  • Extended terms
  • Discounted and/or no loan origination fee
  • Discounted loan closing costs

AgGrow Loans For Non-Farm Operators

For farmers who desire to purchase farmland to continue or expand their family farm legacy or for a long-term investment in our agriculture communities.

  • Minimal owner equity and current ratio requirements
  • Strong consideration given for off-farm business management experience
  • Discounted and/or no ACA (Agricultural Credit Association) origination fee
  • Discounted loan closing costs
  • Assignment on cash rent income highly encouraged
"The AgStart program really gives us the opportunity to get established by building our farm as a small operation..."
Rob Orians

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